23191759_10214156909627344_1902448635_o copyWho am I?

Hello there! My name is Hannah Faith. Although originally a California girl, my family and I moved to Springfield, Missouri when I was a sophomore in high school. Graduating from Evangel University, I am now pursuing my dream of photography.  I have harbored a passion for photography since I was 13 years old when I received my first Canon powershot camera. Since then my love for photography has grown from years of experience and numerous photo sessions.  I have a creative eye for unique shots and through a simple moment my photos tell the story of the beauty and purpose each life contains.

What’s the Purpose?

I have had a desire to start a photography business since I received a Canon Rebel XS for Christmas, my freshman year of High School.  I started taking photos of my two sisters and family to get my portfolio going.  I also gained experience through many photo sessions of families in my church.  The more experience I gained, the more I realized how much I loved photography. I invite you to check out my work and take a peek through my lens!