Meet Braedon and Dana!

Braedon and Dana first met at a Convoy of Hope outreach with Evangel University. During their first week at Evangel they both volunteered for a community outreach in a nearby park. They were both put in charge of a large bouncy pirate ship called “The Buccaneer“.  After that day their friendship turned soon turned into a relationship and 3 years later Braedon asked Dana to marry him. (So if you’re single and ready to mingle, I may suggest volunteering for an outreach and maybe you’ll happen to run into someone there.)
I had so much fun photographing these two. They can turn any moment into something fun and exciting! For instance.. I had the idea to get some pictures of Braedon and Dana tossing leaves in the air, and instead of “tossing” leaves, it turned into a full on leaf fight.
The love and happiness between Braedon and Dana is so evident.. and it’s easy to see in these pictures. Take a look!


IMG_5234IMG_5249IMG_5254 (1)IMG_5263IMG_5294IMG_5309IMG_5312IMG_5334IMG_5348IMG_5415IMG_5425IMG_5456IMG_5466IMG_5493IMG_5504IMG_5509-2IMG_5527IMG_5540IMG_5542IMG_5554IMG_5558IMG_5569-2IMG_5571IMG_5576IMG_5646IMG_5647IMG_5660IMG_5669IMG_5676IMG_5687-2IMG_5703-2IMG_5705IMG_5710-2IMG_5716-2IMG_5751IMG_5752-2IMG_5768IMG_5780IMG_5784IMG_5790IMG_5807IMG_5812IMG_5860IMG_5874IMG_5925

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