I loved being able to shoot Jason & Molly’s wedding a couple of weekends ago. When Molly first contacted me about being their wedding photographer I remember thinking “man this couple is so cute and cool.. this wedding is going to be so fun to photograph”. And it was!

The wedding was held at a hotel and art museum in Bentonville, Arkansas. I was assisted by Alisa Monroe, who helped to take some of the pictures shown in this post. The wedding was beautiful and had a unique vibe to it. It was so evident to see the love that Jason & Molly have for each other.. and these photographs only display a glimpse of that.

Congratulations Jason & Molly! I wish you happiness in your marriage.


IMG_2932IMG_2961IMG_2984IMG_3036 (1)IMG_3043IMG_3080IMG_3099IMG_3111IMG_3114 (1)IMG_3124IMG_3139IMG_3147IMG_3175IMG_3213IMG_3237IMG_3243IMG_3260IMG_3264IMG_3280IMG_3283IMG_3317 (1)IMG_3352 (1)IMG_3358IMG_3397IMG_3416IMG_3432 (1)IMG_3433IMG_3443IMG_3456IMG_3473IMG_3485IMG_3501IMG_3505IMG_3516IMG_3529IMG_3540IMG_3574IMG_3586IMG_3656IMG_3658IMG_3668IMG_3669IMG_3676IMG_3690IMG_3692IMG_3697IMG_3734IMG_3768IMG_3772IMG_3834IMG_3843IMG_3851IMG_3869IMG_3877IMG_3891IMG_3893IMG_3898IMG_3911IMG_3920IMG_3928IMG_3940IMG_3942IMG_3943IMG_3952IMG_3966 (1)IMG_3978IMG_3985IMG_3994IMG_4015IMG_4035IMG_4048IMG_4089IMG_4094IMG_4102IMG_4122IMG_4135IMG_4166IMG_4178IMG_4185IMG_4195IMG_4264IMG_4290IMG_4307IMG_4341IMG_4432IMG_4438IMG_4452IMG_4508IMG_4566IMG_4569IMG_4622IMG_4633IMG_4657IMG_4707IMG_4711

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