I had so much fun being able to “shoot” the beautiful Lauren Gore! Lauren and I lived on the same floor at Evangel University last year. Lauren is a sweet-spirited woman who exudes joy and light everywhere she goes!

Lauren and I went downtown to get a couple shots and luckily we caught the sunset while on the parking garage. Take a look at the photos!

IMG_9745IMG_9746IMG_9757IMG_9760IMG_9761IMG_9763IMG_9770IMG_9777IMG_9779IMG_9790IMG_9795IMG_9797IMG_9799IMG_9812IMG_9814IMG_9823IMG_9825IMG_9830IMG_9838IMG_9840IMG_9842IMG_9844IMG_9849IMG_9854IMG_9855IMG_9858IMG_9873IMG_9874IMG_9879IMG_9899IMG_9910IMG_9914IMG_9934IMG_9948 (1)IMG_9954IMG_0011IMG_0015IMG_0016IMG_0022IMG_0025IMG_0088IMG_9966IMG_9978IMG_9981IMG_9991IMG_0232IMG_0215IMG_0212IMG_0110IMG_0117IMG_0127IMG_0140IMG_0154IMG_0159IMG_0201IMG_0206IMG_0210

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