How ironic is it that I got to photograph a family with the same last name as mine! Maybe that’s because there are 4 “Cederblom” families in Springfield.. and yes I am related to all of them 🙂

This is one amazing family containing six people: my Uncle Tim, Aunt Mel and four cousins, Tara, Tim, Tyler, and Tori. One unique thing about this family is that their initials are all T.L.C (except for Aunt Mel).

I love all of my cousins, but I have a special bond with Tara. Tara (who’s SINGLE and ready to MINGLE by the way) and I are the same age and have been best friends since we were just little tots. When I found out Tara and her family were moving from California to Missouri (back in 2005), we both prayed that God would somehow let us go to high school together and be cheer leaders as well as date really cute guys. The first prayer came true but the second two didn’t (or should I say “haven’t yet” for the last one). My family moved to Missouri in 2010 and Tara and I were able to go to high school together!

I’ve loved being able to live near my extended family and enjoy the perks that come along with that such as: our famous themed birthday parties, Wednesday night dinner, family gatherings and holiday celebrations.

Take a look at the photos from this session!


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